ShockWatch™ Clips

  • Single and Double: the single Clip has one tube and will provide nearly 360 degrees of detection.
  • The double Clip has two tubes and gives a full 360 degrees of detection. Mini-clips are available with smaller foot print.

ShockWatch™ Flex

  • Provides indisputable evidence of mishandling and acts as a visual deterrent to improper handling.
  • Promotes chain of accountability for all product handling.
  • Confirms effectiveness of packaging.

MAG 2000

  • The MAG 2000 impact indicator is a cost-effective, resettable and reusable device designed to monitor the
    handling of fragile goods and freight containers greater than 500 lbs. The device is also widely used on rail
    cars and trucking fleets to monitor for excessive impacts during humping or latching.

ShockDot Indicators

  • ShockDot impact indicators are a proven visual deterrent to improper handling and reduce damage by 60%.
  • ShockDot indicators are a simple solution for identifying shipments that may be damaged and driving accountability in the supply chain.

ShockWatch Labels

  • ShockWatch impact indicator labels and companion tools warn everyone who handles your shipment that the product is being monitored for mishandling.
  • ShockWatch impact labels deter mishandling and reduce damage-related costs by indicating when products have been exposed to a potentially damaging impact during transit or in storage. ShockWatch labels are tamperproof, mechanically activated devices that turn bright red when an impact occurs.

ShockWatch™ 2

  • ShockWatch 2 Impact Indicators alert everyone that your shipment should be handled with care and that it is being monitored for mishandling. Our impact indicators have been shown to reduce damage by 40-60%.
  • Carriers, manufacturers,
    and receivers are all impacted by damage-related
    costs. Often the question becomes who is responsible
    for the damage and where did the damage happen?